Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Shame on Me. Alternatively titled: Catch Up Post

Shame on me for not keeping this blog updated. Shame on me for taking forever to reply to comments. I've been insanely, ridiculously busy. But now I am on Christmas Break. Yep, you read that right. I don't have school until January. Have I mentione that my college is the best one ever?

Speaking of "best college ever", we celebrated Halloween a few weeks ago. We celebrate Halloween big. By "big" I mean that we have largest Halloween Street Party in the country. Here are some pictures of the night. It was SO SO cold (like 28 degrees! eek!). Usually I adore cold weather, so for me to admit that it was freezing, you know it was pretty cold.

In other news, I have officially completed my first full day of teaching.

Bella the Kitty is just as sweet as ever. I put up a little Christmas tree in my apartment the other day and she's pretty excited about it. She thinks that Mommy brought home a brand new toy just for her. I taped it to the table so she can't knock it over but that doesn't stop her from batting ornament after ornament to the ground. When I take her home for Break, she's probably going to go extra crazy for our big family tree. Last year was her first Christmas and we couldn't keep her out of it. She climbed it daily. Here's a picture that we took of her snooping around about halfway up it. It just might be our Christmas card this year.

She loves Christmas. And so do I.

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