Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I'm the type of person who has been planning her wedding for her entire life. I want it to be at Disney World with a Cinderella dress, a crystal carraige and white ponies. Hopeless Romantic, perhaps.

But in addition to planning my wedding, I have names for my kiddos picked out too. I want many.

I think about my future kids a lot. More than a lot actually. I think about the looks on their little faces the first time they walk down Mainstreet USA towards Cinderella Castle. I think about cute crafts we will make together on snow days and I think about the fun games we'll play at the park. I can't wait to be a mama.

I like talking about these names with my real life friends so I figured I'd share them with you all too.

  • Lennon Patrick (Patrick is the first boys name I ever picked out, way back in elementary school. But it's kind of popular so now I think I'll just use it as a middle name. And well, Lennon kind of speaks for itself. I'm sure you can tell who I'm naming this lil guy after. Phenomenan musician. Beautiful soul)
  • Roman Carlisle (just because I like both of those names and they sound good together. I think it sounds strong)
  • Cullen Robert (Robert after my dad)
  • Princeton Isaac (Sounds smart)
  • Finn Edison (No specific reason. I just like it).
  • Makynli Faith (Makynli is pronounced like McKinley. Saw it on TV and fell in love with it)
  • Cadence Rose (Cadence as in the marching band cadence. Reflecting my band geek past, which has had a profound effect on my life. I've mentioned it on this blog many a time. And Rose just sounds good with it)
  • Harleigh Ryan (I like using "boyish" names for girls, especially when adding the "leigh")
  • Lyric Isabella (Lyric once again reflecting my music obsession. Isabella is the first girl name I ever picked out, way back when, but it is so so common now and I like unique first names)
This is my list for now (no, I'm NOT pregnant). What are your favorite names?

    Sunday, October 9, 2011

    A Weekend of Normal

    This weekend, I went home. As in home home. As in not my apartment home.

    It was nice.

    Bella the Kitty came with. I wish you could have seen how excited Hershey was when I got Bella out of the car.

    Last night I went to our high school's band contest. Band is one thing about high school that I actually miss. I love the sense of unity that we had. I felt so connected to everyone in band. So I really enjoyed watching the contest. One band did a Harry Potter themed show. I was amazed, because, well, you know how Harry obsessed I am. Our band got a high II rating. The highest you can get is a I. The lowest is a V. But I have never seen that rating given, not ever, in all the years I've been watching band contests. If you get a I you qualify for State. We did it my junior year and it is one of my best memories from high school. We worked so hard for that. I hope the kids this year get that same experience. They still have a few more chances to earn that I. Good luck guys!

    Today I taught Sunday School. I teach the preschool class. Today, it was just me and one little girl, C. We colored pictures and learned about King Solomon.

    Then, I went back to the house and just chilled. It was nice. Sometimes you need to just chill. I am back in my apartment now, still chilling. Before the crazyness of Week 6 begins.

    I hope you all had a nice chill-filled weekend, too. Thanks for reading.