Saturday, February 26, 2011

Woof! :)

A few days ago, you met Bella, my sweet white and grey kitten. Today, you will meet my best friend. My love. My princess. My girl.


She's almost nine. She is a gorgeous Chocolate Lab.

She has the most loving heart. She thinks that everyone is her best friend and there is nothing that she loves more than pleasing humans.

She greets us at the door every evening; tail wagging a mile a minute.

She knows how to get the paper, too. Yup. This smart cookie looks forward to the time every day when she hears "You wanna go get the paper?" Then she sprints down the driveway and picks up the paper and brings it to us. It is her special job and she loves it so much.

Hershey always seems to know when someone is sad. If I've had a bad day she knows. She cuddles with me and lays her head in my lap and licks my tears away.

Hershey is the greatest dog I have ever met in my entire life.

She is my best friend and I would be nothing without her.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Meow :)

Pets make life beautiful.
Pets love you unconditionally.
Pets add joy and love to your life.

I have some amazing (really, REALLY amazing) animals in my life who you will be introduced to over the next few days.

Today, You will meet Bella.

Bella came to us last summer. My best friend's boyfriend works at a lumber company, and one day while he was at work, he heard cries coming from under a semi-truck. He walked over and discovered that the cries were coming from a tiny 1-pound kitten, lost and alone. He brought her to live at my best friend's house. She stayed on their back porch in a laundry basket for several days as they tried to find a permanent home for her.

Well, that permanent home ended up being right across the street- with me!

My dog was terrified of Bella at first, but now they are best friends.

I am so glad to have Bella in my life.

She's not like other cats, you know. Bella loves is obsessed with water. She sits in the sink and meows until we turn it on for her. When we turn it on, she just purrs and purrs as the cold water runs onto her head and down her back. When she gets out of the sink, she shakes just like a wet dog. When we are letting the tub drain after a bath, Bella has been known to get into the almost empty tub and walk around. Oh, and she drinks out of the toilet, too. Crazy girl!

I love Bella with all of my heart.

Even though she spent the entire month of December climbing up and down the Christmas tree, knocking down any ornaments or light strands that got in her way.

Here are some pictures of my little meow meow. She's my baby :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Best Weekend

This weekend was Sibs Weekend at my college. I don't have any siblings, but I do have two beautiful, smart and amazing cousins (Mary Kate and Riley) who are the little sisters I never had. They're my best friends. My life would be nothing without them.

On Friday night after work, I picked them up and we went to watch Cirque Shanghai: Bai Xi. It is a Chinese acrobatics show. Very, very talented people! Riley kept asking me if they had spines. Both girls were mesmorized by the show. After it was over, we walked into the theater lobby and all of the acrobats were standing there with pens. The girls immediately pulled some paper out of their bags and got in line. They were so starstruck. After we had left, they just kept saying "I can't believe we actually got their autographs". They were more excited about the autographs than the show itself.

Then, I took them to Wendys. Being in a college town, it has very late hours. I bought them Frosties and we dipped our fries in them while watching YouTube on my iPhone. When we were walking out, there was a street performer playing an accordian. We listened to him for a while. Then, as we were walking back to my car, the girls thought they saw a creepy dude staring at us. So we took off on a dead sprint across the Green. We made it back to my car just fine, no worries. ;)
Then we went back to my house and I gave them their presents. I filled zebra print gift bags with a Webkinz, a pack of Silly Bandz, a Smencil (scented pencil) and a precious frame that says "This Day Rocked" with a picture of us in it. They loved it. I love making them smile!
The girls played on my computer for a while and then we played Wii. Mario Kart and Just Dance. They gave me quite the beating in Mario Kart.
Around midnight, I put on a movie for them and soon they were asleep.
Fast forward several hours to Saturday morning. When we woke up, I put some cartoons on for them. I remember how awesome the Saturday cartoons were when I was a kid. They were actually worth waking up early for. Today's cartoons, ehh not so much. So they watched cartoons for about an hour and then my daddy made us the most amazing breakfast. French toast, pancakes and bacon. Yum.
Then, it was time for the crown jewel. The part that the girls were looking forward to the most. The SPA! I had originally planned for the spa to be a huge deal with lots and lots of activities, but I was sick all week so I didn't really get to plan much. So I had to make do with what we had. The girls played with my cat, Bella (who you will meet and see pictures of in an upcoming post) while I set it up. We had three stations. 1) Bubbling and vibrating foot tub with bath salts mixed in and magazines to read; 2) Back massages, which I like to think I am very good at giving; and 3) Manicures and Pedicures including yummy smelling hand cream, a hand massage and crazy colored polish. I had one girl sit at the first station while I did stations two and three with the other, and then we switched. They loved it and I loved doing it for them.
Next was lunch at Burger King. I gave them an hour to play in the play area. They kept hiding from me and whenever I looked up at the play structure, I would hear one of them scream "Dang it" which was immediately followed by footsteps as they tried to find a new hiding spot. If there hadn't been so many people there, I probably would have climbed up in there with them. ;)

After a hearty dose of chicken nuggets, we packed into the car again for our final activity. I drove them back to my college and we went to the student recreation center where they had planned a full day of activities just for sibs! They had inflatables like an obstacle course, slides, bouncy castles, jousting and a Velcro covered wall that you could jump onto (after putting on a special Velcro suit, of course).

They also had plenty of food. They had board games sitting out too, and we played several hands of Uno with some other students. Then we got in line for airbrush tattoos. Apparantly everyone else had the same idea because we waited in line for almost an hour. We took pictures, played games and talked to pass the time. When it was finally our turn, Mary Kate got a tiger, Riley got a panda and I got a peace sign. It is still on my arm.
As our fun day came to a close, I loaded two tired tweens back into the car and took them home. This was the best weekend I've had in quite some time. They were so appreciative of everything I did for them. I love spending time with them and making them happy. I may not have gotten the sister I begged for, but I ended up with something even better. I love my cousins!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Top Fives

I like making lists.
So, I made some lists of my Top Five favorite things.
Agree or disagree with what I picked?
What are YOUR top fives?

Top Five 90s Pop Groups (that I still listen to daily):
5. Hanson
4. Dream Street
3. NSync
2. Backstreet Boys
1. Spice Girls

Top Five Horror/Thriller/Suspense Movies:
5. The Ring
4. The Uninvited
3. The Shining
2. The Exorcist
1. The Silence of the Lambs

Top Five Places:
5. Maine Lighthouses
4. NYC
3. Chicago
2. Disney World
1. Cedar Point

Top Five Names That I Want for My Kids One Day:
5. Lennon (boy)
4. Roman (boy)
3. Lyric (girl)
2. Cadence (girl)
1. Makynli (girl)

Top Five Foods:
5. Crackers
4. Pizza
3. Mac and Cheese
2. Chicken Nuggets
1. Tomato Soup

Well, folks, that's all for now! If you make a Top Five post, feel free to put your link in the comments section!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love this little Hallmark Holiday. I love giving cards to people and seeing them smile. I love how everything is pink and red with hearts. I love sitting pink stuffed animals that sing love songs around my room. Call me a hopeless romantic, but I love Valentine's Day.

Why limit the fun to February 14th, though? I like making people feel loved every day of  the year.

And you don't even need to go out of your way to do it. Small things are the best.

A cheery phone call with a relative who's not feeling well.
One (or ten) extra treats for your dog.
A little extra spring in your step as you walk into the office in the morning.
Saying "I love you" as often as you can.
Smiling at a stranger.
Loving life.

Valentine's Day will be over in 4 hours, but this girl is letting the love shine through all year round.

Hope you all had a great day! Now go hug your families!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

First Post

This is my first post. I created this blog because I have a lot of things that I need to say and wanted a place to write them. The title of my blog is "Inside My Heaven" because that's exactly what it is. It is the inside story of my life and the things and people I love. I hope you'll stop back often to read more!

Here's a little bit about me:
1. I am nineteen.
2. I'm a sophomore in college. My major is Early Childhood Education and I have a 3.9 GPA.
3. Besides becoming a teacher, my other life goal is to be a mommy.
4. I eat my weight in chicken nuggets weekly.
5. I have a soft spot for pit bulls.
6. I often misplace my phone in my own house.
7. I like making people smile.
8. I have a beautiful and smart chocolate lab named Hershey and a hyper but adorable kitten named Bella. They're my life.
9. I am addicted to horror movies, especially old ones. I love the Exorcist and the Shining!
10. In my spare time, I decorate cakes and make quilts.
11. Disney World, Cedar Point and Chicago are my 3 favorite places.
12. I was born and raised in Small Town Ohio and I am NEVER moving away from here.
13. I love classic rock. Queen is my all time favorite.
14. I am very optomistic.
15. I am a Christian and I love Jesus Christ with all of my heart.

Well, that is me. Thanks for stopping by! :)