Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tiny (Good News Filled) Update

The other day, I was watering my straw bales. I was pleasently surprised to see TWO little sprouts! My melon and green beans have officially started growing! I was worried that this project would not work, but so far so good! Have your straw bales started growing yet?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

I want to take this time to thank the brave men and women who risk their lives to keep our nation free. We are so grateful for your sacrafices. I hope that you and yours have had a wonderful Memorial Day.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Because I knew you, I have been changed for good

This is a video and photo montage that I created for my three best friends, whom I have known for (literally) my entire life. I think it turned out pretty well, so I figured I'd share!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This is the Way we Plant the Seeds

This past weekend, I finally got to plant my seeds in my straw bales. Ideally, it probably should have been done two weeks ago, but it has just rained so much. It seemed like it was impossible to get a dry weekend. But, this past Saturday was actually super nice. Not a cloud in sight and temperatures close to 80. So what did I do? I planted, of course!

You can plant on the tops and sides of your bales. I'm not quite sure which plants do better on top and which do better on the sides, so I just did my best with what I think would go well together. On one bale, I planted tomatoes on top and carrots and green beans on the side, and morning glories on the ends. On the other bale, I planted canteloupe on top, green beans on the side an morning glories on the end. For the tops, I spread a generous layer of soil out and planted the seeds right in it. For the side, I made a small hole in the bale, put some soil in the hole, stuck in the seed and then covered it with more soil. They kind of looked like this when I finished:

I made the little signs that you see in the picture. If you have kids, making the signs would probably be a super fun project for them. Only you should find sturdier sticks than I put mine on, because they ended up blowing away in last night's storm.

Have you planted anything in your bales yet? How is it going? Happy Gardening!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Super Summer Saturdays: A Destination

In this second edition of my Super Summer Saturdays series, I am going to tell you about one of my favorite places to go in the summer. Feel free to share your favorite destinations with me in the comments section!

Four hours north of me, located on its own penninsula along beautiful Lake Erie, you will find Heaven on Earth. Nowhere else on the planet will you find a theme park with more rides (75) or roller coasters (17). They don't call this place "America's Roller Coast" for nothing!

Yes, my friends, I'm talking about Cedar Point.

Cedar Point is one of the oldest amusement parks in the nation. It started as just a beach with a clubhouse and a few kiddie rides. Eventually, they added a roller coaster, The Switchback Railway. Who would have thought that that tiny (25 feet tall) little coaster would have paved the way for what is there now.

Today, Cedar Point holds the WORLD record for having the most rides AND roller coasters. Their roller coasters are world class, too. Take the Millenium Force for instance. When it debued in 2000, it broke an astonishing TEN world records  (tallest, fastest, first coaster to go over 300 feet, just to name a few). Today, it is still among the most popular on Earth. Every year, it has been either ranked as #1 or #2 steel roller coaster on the planet in the prestegious Golden Ticket Awards, which are basically the Grammys of the amusement park industry.

Speaking of the Golden Ticket Awards, did I mention that Cedar Point has won their "Best Amusement Park in the World" award for ELEVEN straight years? Yep, it's that good.

If you aren't into roller coasters, Cedar Point still has something for you. The 364-acre park is also home to four children's areas, two of which are Snoopy themed.  There's also a beach, a petting zoo and many live shows.

Cedar Point also has many on-site hotels. My personal favorite is the Hotel Breakers. It's beautiful!

Cedar Point is one of my favorite vacation destinations (second only to Disney World). I hope that you and your family have the chance to visit one day. For more information, you can visit them HERE.

I want to leave you with this picture, which was taken near the park's beach. If you look REALLY closely, you can see the hill from one of the roller coasters (Magnum XL 200) on the horizon.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Super Summer Saturdays: A New Series

I love summer. I love everything about summer. And it has finally arrived here in the Buckeye State after a very, very cold and rainy spring. I've been wanting to start a series on my blog for a while now, and what better thing to write about than summer? Every Almost every Saturday this summer, I'm going to blog about fun activities, games, recipes and crafts that you can do with your family. I'll share some of my own family fun, too. You may have noticed the poll I added to the left sidebar. It's about summer activities, and I'd love to hear your opinion. So let your voice be heard and vote in my poll. Who knows? Maybe the activity with the most votes will be featured in a post of its own here soon!

Today, I pulled out my old snow cone maker and gave it a whirl. I love this thing. I got it for my birthday years ago. It's pretty easy to use. You just pop some ice cubes in (you may need to refill it halfway through; it doesn't hold many), hold a cup up to the spout and push the button. Then, you can add the flavor. The syrup is usually sold right beside the ice shavers in stores. My favorite is cherry. Then, just add a straw, or spoon, or both and enjoy! Yummy! What is your favorite snow cone flavor?

Don't forget to vote in my poll!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Name Poem

At one of the many 'family fun nights' I attended in elementary school, we had to create a poem by thinking of a word or phrase for every letter in our name. Then, we put the poems on shirts using fabric markers. I don't remember exactly what I wrote. I do know that the Y had something to do with yelling. Anyways, I decided to make another one. It's not the greatest, but it'll do. Have you ever made a name poem?


I- incedibly excited for SUMMER!

N- Nugget eater

S- sister only child :(

L- lover of animals

E- extroverted

Y- Yay :)