Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This is the Way we Plant the Seeds

This past weekend, I finally got to plant my seeds in my straw bales. Ideally, it probably should have been done two weeks ago, but it has just rained so much. It seemed like it was impossible to get a dry weekend. But, this past Saturday was actually super nice. Not a cloud in sight and temperatures close to 80. So what did I do? I planted, of course!

You can plant on the tops and sides of your bales. I'm not quite sure which plants do better on top and which do better on the sides, so I just did my best with what I think would go well together. On one bale, I planted tomatoes on top and carrots and green beans on the side, and morning glories on the ends. On the other bale, I planted canteloupe on top, green beans on the side an morning glories on the end. For the tops, I spread a generous layer of soil out and planted the seeds right in it. For the side, I made a small hole in the bale, put some soil in the hole, stuck in the seed and then covered it with more soil. They kind of looked like this when I finished:

I made the little signs that you see in the picture. If you have kids, making the signs would probably be a super fun project for them. Only you should find sturdier sticks than I put mine on, because they ended up blowing away in last night's storm.

Have you planted anything in your bales yet? How is it going? Happy Gardening!

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