Thursday, February 2, 2012

Unseasonably Warm

It is winter.

 In Ohio.

If you know anything about Ohio you know that we should be knee-deep in snow by this point.

But we are not.

It has been in the low 60s for the past two days.

At first, I was downright mad about this.

I wanted snow.

But then I went to class yesterday.

And we opened the windows.

And stuck our heads out of them to people watch.

And I realized that maybe,

just maybe,

this unseasonably warm weather wasn't so bad after all.

So I stopped being mad.

And got glad.

And today after school I took Bella the Kitty out on her leash.

Yes, my cat has a leash.

It has proven to be quite the conversation starter when we walk around the field behind my apartment.

She loved being outside.

And I love when my baby is happy.

So I am no longer complaining about this unseasonably warm weather.

I'm going to find the good happy times in every day.

Because life is too short to sit inside grumping about weather.

But I would still love some snow,

should it ever choose to arrive.

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