Saturday, June 25, 2011

Super Summer Saturdays: Another Movie Review (SPOILER ALERT)

It's time for another Super Summer Saturdays post. Although, this past week, the weather here hasn't been all that "summer-y". In fact, it's been downright "spring-y". But I'll post anyways. Maybe it will encourage the sun to stay out! A few weeks ago, I wrote a review on the Hangover Part II. Today, I went with two of my little cousins (ages 3 and 6) to see Cars 2. Here's my take on it.

This time around the Cars are touring the world, with stops in Japan, Italy and England. You'll see plenty of racing scenes, but the main plot of Cars 2 centers around a super secret spy mission. I was able to follow the plot just fine, but I can see where part of it might go over small kids' heads, especially if they've never seen how spy stuff works. Lots of shooting, but the kids I was with didn't seem frightened at all. The six year old didn't take his eyes off the screen the entire time.

You can count on all of your kids' favorite characters to make appearances in this one. Mater especially. He has a much bigger role in this one than in the first. He even winds up being the unlikely hero at the end!

As with all Disney/Pixar films, the animation in this was stellar. Unbelievable. The water and flames actually looked real! The sound was very well done, also.

I give this movie an A-. 6 year old Z described it as "really funny". If you have Cars fans in your house, you won't want to miss this one!

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