Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Meow :)

Pets make life beautiful.
Pets love you unconditionally.
Pets add joy and love to your life.

I have some amazing (really, REALLY amazing) animals in my life who you will be introduced to over the next few days.

Today, You will meet Bella.

Bella came to us last summer. My best friend's boyfriend works at a lumber company, and one day while he was at work, he heard cries coming from under a semi-truck. He walked over and discovered that the cries were coming from a tiny 1-pound kitten, lost and alone. He brought her to live at my best friend's house. She stayed on their back porch in a laundry basket for several days as they tried to find a permanent home for her.

Well, that permanent home ended up being right across the street- with me!

My dog was terrified of Bella at first, but now they are best friends.

I am so glad to have Bella in my life.

She's not like other cats, you know. Bella loves is obsessed with water. She sits in the sink and meows until we turn it on for her. When we turn it on, she just purrs and purrs as the cold water runs onto her head and down her back. When she gets out of the sink, she shakes just like a wet dog. When we are letting the tub drain after a bath, Bella has been known to get into the almost empty tub and walk around. Oh, and she drinks out of the toilet, too. Crazy girl!

I love Bella with all of my heart.

Even though she spent the entire month of December climbing up and down the Christmas tree, knocking down any ornaments or light strands that got in her way.

Here are some pictures of my little meow meow. She's my baby :)

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