Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Top Fives

I like making lists.
So, I made some lists of my Top Five favorite things.
Agree or disagree with what I picked?
What are YOUR top fives?

Top Five 90s Pop Groups (that I still listen to daily):
5. Hanson
4. Dream Street
3. NSync
2. Backstreet Boys
1. Spice Girls

Top Five Horror/Thriller/Suspense Movies:
5. The Ring
4. The Uninvited
3. The Shining
2. The Exorcist
1. The Silence of the Lambs

Top Five Places:
5. Maine Lighthouses
4. NYC
3. Chicago
2. Disney World
1. Cedar Point

Top Five Names That I Want for My Kids One Day:
5. Lennon (boy)
4. Roman (boy)
3. Lyric (girl)
2. Cadence (girl)
1. Makynli (girl)

Top Five Foods:
5. Crackers
4. Pizza
3. Mac and Cheese
2. Chicken Nuggets
1. Tomato Soup

Well, folks, that's all for now! If you make a Top Five post, feel free to put your link in the comments section!

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