Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What's in YOUR bag? (Plus some other random thoughts).

What are the things that you NEVER leave the house without? The things that are always in your bag? Here's mine.

-pencils or pens.

That's what I take now. Partly because I'm not one for being a "high maitenence" girl. But mostly just because after packing around my books for class, there's not much room left for anything else. Speaking of books, it's almost that time again. Yeah, THAT time. Next Monday is the first day of Spring Quarter for college, which means a new set of classes. Which means new books. Mind you most books are $100-$200 each. My piggy bank despises book buying day.

Back to the purse question. My purse contents haven't always been that simple, you know. In high school, I was featured in the yearbook for having one of the messiest purses in the school. That may be because I stocked it full of food and shared it with everyone. Or maybe they just liked the fact that my purse was organic cotton. Who knows.

What's in your bag?

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