Wednesday, June 13, 2012

4 QUICK Activities to Do With Kids

Hey, folks! It's another fun activity Wednesday. This time, I'll be sharing 4 SUPER QUICK (quick as in under 10 minutes) activites that you can do with your kids.

1. Question Ball- take a large beach ball and write questions all over it. You'll want to cover practically the entire thing. Examples of questions may be: What's your favorite color? What do you want to be when you grow up? etc. Players stand in a circle and toss the ball to one another. When you catch it, you have to answer the question that your right thumb is touching (or closest to). Play until everyone has answered a question.
2. Pass It- this iPad app puts a modern spin on the classic party game, Pass the Parcel. Players pass the iPad around while it is playing music, and when the music stops, whoever is holding it uses their finger to "rip" a layer of paper from the screen. Then play resumes. Whoever rips off the last layer is the winner. This game is very customizable. You can choose everything from the number of rounds to the genre of music that plays. Find it in the Apple app store.
3. Silent Telephone- You remember playing telephone, right? You know, the game where everyone passes a phrase around the circle to see how silly it sounds by the end? This is the silent version. Players hold hands in a circle. The leader will squeeze the hand of the next person, who will squeeze the next person's hand and so on. If you're just playing like that, you can time yourselves to see how quickly you can pass the squeeze. Once everyone has the hang of doing one squeeze, you can try to think up patterns to pass around. For example, you could do two quick squeezes and a long one.
4. Picnic- The first player says "I'm going on a picnic, and I'm bringing (something that starts with A). The next player will say something that starts with B (of course), but they'll also have to remember what the first person said. The person who gets letter C will have to remember what the first two people said, and so on. For example, the third person might say "I'm going on a picnic, and I'm bringing apples, bread and cake". Keep going around the circle until either you reach the end of the alphabet or the list gets too hard to remember (whichever comes first). This is a good one to play in the car.

Have fun playing these quick (but still fun) activities with your kiddos!

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