Monday, June 4, 2012

Apologies and Redirection

I'm sorry for my absense over the past month. I have been super busy with school. Our classes are over now. I just have an online portfolio and reflection to submit and I am done, done, done. Until summer classes start, that is.

If you're still reading despite my lack of posts, thank you.

Here are some pictures from this spring.

This summer, I decided to do an all-summer-long collection of activities that you can do with your family and friends. On Mondays, I will be featuring favorite summer recipes. On Tuesdays, you can read trip tips to make your vacations as awesome as possible. Wednesdays will be dedicated to fun and games. Thursdays will reflect my inner teacher and will be fun activities you can do with your kiddos this summer to keep those brains ticking and to beat the dreaded "brain drain". Fridays will be a random assortment of all things summer including summer movie reviews, Pinterest ideas and more. There might be some days where I venture off topic, and there might be days when I don't post at all, but I'm going to use this as a basic framework as far as the direction I'll be taking this blog for the next few months.

I'll always welcome guest posts. If you have a fun idea that you'd like to write about for any of the categories, just email me at and let me know. I'd love to hear from you!

I'm kicking off today by reposting a yummy summer dessert recipe that I shared last summer. It's a family favorite and a must at all cookouts!

Oreo Pudding Dessert

  • One Regular size package of Oreo Cookies (not Double Stuffed)
  • 2 small packages French vanilla pudding mix
  • 8oz soft cream cheese
  • 8oz Cool Whip
  • Milk
What to Do:
  1. Make pudding with milk (check pudding box to see how much milk you'll need). The pudding doesn't need to be set up just yet. Add the other ingredients first.
  2. Add cream cheese
  3. Add Cool Whip
  4. Mix with an electric hand mixer until well blended
  5. Crush enough cookies to thoroughly cover the bottom of a 9x13" aluminum pan
  6. Pour pudding mixture over the cookies
  7. Chill in refridgerator for several hours to set it up
  8. Prior to serving, crush a few more cookies and sprinkle over the top (just for decoration- don't need to cover it completely)
PS: Did you know that today is Hug Your Cat day? Yep! I didn't know until I read it online, but I had already hugged my sweet girl about a million times before reading it. Go give your little furball a big warm one! :)


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